Gat Foods Wins 2020 Recycling Award

ynet Israel, Nov 2020

Recycling companies win from every aspect

Gat Foods wins the 2020 Recycling award

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In the past decade, Gat Foods has invested greater efforts in reducing its ecological footprint in a series of steps aimed at 0% secreting.

Last month, TAMIR (Israel’s Manufacturing Packaging Recycling Organization) awarded three companies for their efforts to improve their packaging waste’s sorting and recycling in a festive ceremony held at the Israeli President residence.

You can read all about the joyful moment here

We’re so proud to be recognized for our ongoing daily efforts. This is only one of the seven sustainability actions (7Rs) we invest in for a more sustainable future.

This is how we approach our daily work:

Rethink– constant thinking, planning and execution focused on the improvement of the plant’s environmental impact.

Refuse– refusing to accept and use non -recyclable materials, except for quality and safety reasons

Reduce- reducing fossil fuel in manufacturing processes and vehicles

Reuse– reusing wood and plastic bins used for overseas shipping, reusing different packages, reusing machinery parts for different purposes, reusing water and detergents chemicals in manufacturing processes

Repurpose– repurposing leftovers of citrus extraction for cattle feed, compost, and biogas, repurposing packaging materials.

Repair– continuous maintenance of manufacturing machinery and repair of wooden pallets reused for storage

Recycle- recycling of different packaging materials (glass, wood, metal, electronic devices)




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