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28.5-1.6, Bangkok, Thailand
Hall 1, booth #0050

Gat Foods invites beverage manufacturers from all over Asia Pacific to dive into a world of
delectable drinks. Elevate your product lineup, meeting the cravings of today’s global
consumers in style. We invite you to taste our beverage solutions offering different product
concepts and applications, answering consumer trends. From tasty low sugar mocktails and carbonates, low alcohol refreshing radlers, fruity coconut water, fruity soy milk and tasty citrus beverages.

Tasty radlers– for an easy start for beer beginners- refreshing, sweet or tangy citrus flavor-
with only 2.5% alc.
Mocktails– featuring popular cocktail flavors with low sugar solutions ( between 3.3 gr to 7
gr total sugar per 100ml RTD)
Fruity Carbonates– offering winter and summer flavors with low sugar solutions (less than 5
gr total sugar)
Fruity soy milk beverages– offering alternative milk beverages with rich fruit mouthfeel
sensation, for kids and adults alike
Coconut water– interesting way to vary plain coconut flavor with exciting fruits with sweet
and sour taste profiles, with less than 5.5gr total sugar
Citrus beverages– tasty and rich beverage solutions for the most popular citrus beverages.

From our RDI center- the CORE- Fresh developments

Terpene-Zone beverages: a series of co-developed terpene infused beverages, together
with Eybna, a terpene-based technology company and manufacturer.
This exciting beverage series includes terpene-based formulations from natural sources,
featuring sharp cannabis flavor together with fruity notes. The authentic cannabis flavor
tops anything you may have tasted before!

  • Peach dream bliss– fruity & tangy cannabis and peach carbonated low sugar drink,
    with less than 5.5 gr of total sugar per 100ml drink.
  • Green Haze Mojito – light & refreshing mocktail, with a subtle and balanced
    cannabis and lemon flavors. Including 3gr of total sugar from fruit only.
  • Hazy grapefruit brewer- a non-alcoholic beer, featuring a tasty and refreshing
    cannabis and red grapefruit flavor

Flavorwatch- Natural anti-TAB (ACB) spoilage

Alicylobacillus (ACB/TAB) spoilage is a known quality spoilage in beverages. You’re
invited to learn more about our all-natural flavor solution, providing a total anti-ACB
(TAB) spoilage guarantee for still, clear and high acid beverages.

Happy Hour– Join us on Thursday, 30.5 at 2pm- drinks are on us!

To set up a meeting or discuss your opportunities click here

Looking forward meeting you, Hall 1, booth #0050

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