No Sugar Tax Drinks

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Cut out the sugar- keep the enjoyment

As sugar reduction has become a global priority and a growing number of countries are addressing the issue by sugar tax, the beverage industry must propose suitable solutions that are both tasty and healthier. Our tailor-made integrated solutions enable you to launch lighter and less sweet drinks with yet a balanced taste profile- all for the great enjoyment consumers expect.

Solutions for drinks with less than 5 gr sugar per 100 ml

If you are looking to create lighter products featuring great taste and a balanced textural appeal, Gat Foods offers you varied fruit based bases, compounds and emulsions which are built to fit your sugar and calories’ goals.

Gat Foods solutions are designed upon a holistic approach that generates the right balance between sweetness, acidity, texture and overall taste profile.

Clear drinks– New generation of fruity drinks- tasty, fun and sweet. Less than 18 kcal.

  • No preservatives. No artificial colorants. No artificial sweeteners.
  • Available variants- pineapple, peach, apple, grape. Other flavors upon request
  • Successfully launched in Israel under our brand PRIGAT

Also available solutions for:

  • Diet drinks– classic diet drinks. Up to 10 kcal.
  • Mid- calories’ drinks-. ~30 kcal. Balanced fruity taste and refreshing.
  • Fruity water– ~18 kcal. Low sweetness profile, mild flavor and refreshing.

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