SIAL 2022 Paris 15-19.10.22

Let’s Innovate Together! New fruity solutions

Sial, Paris, 15-19.10.22, Hall 5C, #H093

After two years of delay, we are happy to finally meet our clients in SIAL 2022 Paris edition and share our new beverage solutions’ developments and latest news.

Our range of solutions echoes the changes in the most prominent consumer trends prompted by the pandemic, such as: alcohol moderation, low calories, natural energy, adult flavors, functionality and more…

We invite beverage manufacturers to test and taste our solutions answering today’s consumer trends, including:

  1. For consumers seeking tasty refreshment with low calories- fruity water (15cal) and clear fruity drinks (19cal). click for more info
  2. For consumers who prefer alcoholic drinks with less alcohol and a fruity twist – fruity beer and fruity wine mixes.
  3. For consumers who wish to avoid alcohol all together or mix their own cocktails- mocktail virgin fruit mixes inspired by famous cocktail flavors.
  4. For consumers looking for natural energy beverages- fruity energy drinks based on green coffee beans. click for more info

Exciting News!

We would like to share the news regarding two significant additions to our operations.

The Core– recently opened advanced Research & Development & Innovation center, The Core of CBC group’s developments (Central Bottling Company- Gat Foods parent company, specializing in soft drinks, still drinks, water, dairy products, wine, spirits and beer), located in Gat Foods’ facilities.

The center’s mission is to create valuable consumer products based on technological advantage in light of today’s key consumer trends and relevancy to the group’s business. The Core’s four main complementing domains of activities include: packaging & sustainability, advanced ingredients, innovative production processes and beverage development.

During SIAL, you’ll meet the latest developments from The Core’s labs:

  1. Flavorwatch™- Natural forest flavor with inherent anti TAB spoilage capabilities.
    The clean label flavor was co-developed together with Resorcix, a FoodTech company specializing in providing solutions to the growing challenge of bacteria in the food industry. Flavorwatch ™ offers beverage manufacturers the required peace of mind against TAB spoilage in clear high-acid beverages. Click for more info
  2. Terpene Zone- The new era of functional beverages based on functional terpene formulations. This new category of functional beverages is a recent co-development together with Eybna, a terpene-based technology company and manufacturer. The first-of-its-kind botanical terpene formulations, target specific wellness effects, such as focus, calm and “feel-good”, beyond-alcohol sensation.You’re welcome to taste and learn more about our recent beverage formulations:
  • Calm- Targeting stress relief and promoting restfulness
  • Focus- Targeting restoring mental alertness and wakefulness
  • Feel-Good- Beyond- Alcohol- Promoting mood elevation and relaxed sensation
    Click for more info on eybna’s website

Gat Foods acquired Targid

Gat Foods is proud to announce the acquirement of Targid, a worldwide reputable Turkish producer of fruit juice concentrates, puree and puree concentrates as well as aromas and flavors. We are happy to expand our product portfolio, to better serve our clients and continue to supply Targid’s longtime customers with a variety of fruit & vegetables raw materials and solutions. Targid portfolio includes the following fruit and vegetables: black carrot, apple, pomegranate, sour cherry, apricot, peach and strawberry. Click for more info on Targid’s website.

We’d like to celebrate these new developments and growth together with you in a Happy Hour.
Join us on Monday 17.10 at 5pm- drinks are on us!

Looking forward meeting you to further discuss our variety of solutions answering different consumers’ trends.
To set up a meeting or discuss your opportunities click here


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