Anuga, Cologne, 7-11 October

Let’s Innovate Together! New fruity solutions

Anuga, Cologne, 7-11 October

Hall 8.1, Booth #D40-48

Fruity beverage solutions- Meeting the cravings of today’s global consumers in style

We invite beverage manufacturers to taste our beverage solutions offering different product concepts and applications.
From rich filling smoothies (up to 95% fruit) to low calories fruity beverages (19 kcal. only), flavored water (0 kcal.), natural energy and isotonic drinks, mocktails and even tasty fruity solutions for beer and hard seltzers.

Fresh developments from our RDI center- the CORE

Terpene Zone- a new category of functional beverages co-developed together with Eybna, a terpene-based technology company and manufacturer.
You’re welcome to try out our updated development of functional Terpene Zone BUUZ™ beverage solutions, providing a smooth “mood elevation” sensation. This wellness effect is based on a proprietary blend of functional terpenes interacting simultaneously with different essential biological systems’ receptors. The terpenes’ formulation synchronized interaction, creates a stress-relieving and an uplifting mood effect, thus providing consumers both adaptogenic and nootropic qualities. In other words, a way to de-stress at the end of the day, relax and enjoy.

Flavorwatch– You’re invited to learn more about our all-natural flavor solution, providing a total anti-TAB spoilage guarantee for still, clear and high acid beverages.

Exciting news- Recent acquisition of Tunay Gida

Gat Foods expands its product portfolio through a recent acquisition of Tunay Gida, a market leader in processing the highest quality of a variety of fruit juices and concentrates (organic and conventional).
We are proud to welcome the entire Tunay Gida team into Gat Foods global activity.
Feel free to visit Tunay Gida’s booth in hall 8.1-D081

Join us for a happy hour

You’re welcome to have a toast, celebrating our partnership and mutual growth
Join us on Monday 9.10 at 5pm- drinks are on us!
Looking forward meeting you to further discuss our variety of solutions answering different consumers’ trends.

To set up a meeting or discuss your opportunities click here


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